I Almost Missed My Best Friend's Wedding...

Oh lord, oh lord, where do I start?

Many months ago, Carson, my best friend decided she was getting married in Mexico. YES! What a place to get married?! So, we all went to work to figure out who was going, where we were staying, and all the in-betweens. She made it pretty easy for us to book everything. So things were falling into place quite nicely.

Ashley went on maternity leave in September and said she would be getting her passport then. I told her I would join her for that important little step. Well, the day came, and she went, and I didn’t (I was busy). And then the weeks passed, and I still hadn’t gotten my passport. Now we’re into January, and I’m like “It’s fine, you can get an expedited passport in like a day, so I’ll be fine.”

I packed up and headed over to the Seattle Passport Agency on a Friday and brought alllllll of the requested documentation. They said “Okay, great, please come pick it up Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.”

Ummmmm, what? I leave Friday, and I work Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday. On Monday night I received a call that said the birth certificate I gave them wasn’t signed by the registrar (WTF). So, I scrounged up the last birth certificate I had, and it did have the registrar’s signature (YAY!).

Lucky for me, I have the best bosses in the world, and they let me take Wednesday off to head over to retrieve my passport. I took my birth certificate to the counter and they said it wasn’t signed in the appropriate place. I almost cried but decided that I should just try to keep my shit together. So, I Uber’d up to another building to get a NEW birth certificate. I paid $20 cash (and I never have cash, so that was praise hands moment). And Uber’d back down to the agency again. I gave them my new birth certificate, and they said “Great, come back at 2pm!”

ARE YOU SHITTING ME?! I have a job to get back to on the OTHER SIDE OF THE WATER! So, I Uber’d BACK down to the waterfront to grab lunch (where I lingered). Then into a Starbucks (where I lingered). And FINALLY, I Uber’d back up to the passport agency. I was there at 1:50pm and go my passport at 1:52pm. Thank. You. Sweet baby Jesus!

I Uber’d back down to the ferry only to miss that boat by 60 seconds. Cool. Just awesome. My sour attitude began to set in (my phone had like 8% battery), I realized I should just be grateful I got MY PASSPORT in time to head to Mexico in TWO DAYS for MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING.

When I got home, Cam texted me and said “Ummm, I think Uber charged you like 10 times too many!” But I had to let him know that I did, in fact, use the Uber like six million times to get from place to place to place to place to place to place.

I may be the running joke when it comes to our group of friends, but I will say, what I lack in forethought, I sure as hell make up for in fun--you can even check out my Cabo hashtag #ShesNotDrunkShesAmazing!

Bixby+Pine-PNW-Wedding-Planners-And-Designers_1664 (1).jpg

You’ll have to stay tuned for this beautiful Cabo wedding to hit the blog (and it will in two days!) and see what I would’ve been missing if I hadn’t gotten my shit together and had the world’s best bosses on my team.

Moral of the story: Uber costs a lot if you gotta take it several times in one day and bring a portable charger.