Holy $#!+...Where have we been?

Friends. Crap.

We made this goal of blogging twice, sometimes thrice (a word, yes?) a week...So, 19 (yeah, you read that right: NINETEEN) days later, we're sitting down to tend to our blog, which has been neglected like your laundry that's piling up (please tell me I'm not alone here?)

So, this post is going to be a catch-up post, to let you know what's been keeping us so busy (read: too busy) to write blog posts.

We are SMACKDAB in the middle of our rebrand. Think new logo, new color palette (eeeeek), new photos, new website, new look book, new bride binder (YAY!), new everything. It's been a trying journey, with lots of turns, but we are finally just about done, and we CANNOT freaking wait to show you the new ish we have!

Now, to elaborate on the new website. This is being done by us, and we've added so many new parts, that it's taking a long time (read: what feels like for-freaking-ever). New portfolio pages, new vendor pages (new to our website not just because it's a new website, but because this is a new aspect of our business), new information on B+P blooms too!

We have a baby. Well, okay, Ashley does, but we get to spend so much time with her, and I kid you not, you cannot get much done when she's around; not because she's too hard to work with, but because YOU JUST WANT TO HOLD HER AND SMILE WITH HER AND SMELL HER AND WATCH HER ALL THE DAMN TIME. It's not a joke. We're obsessed, and that's an understatement.

We celebrated GALentine's Day. That was fun--head over to instagram (@bixbyandpine) to see what we picked out for each other.

Our bride binder is taking up a majority of our time right now. Dozens upon dozens upon dozens of useful information and worksheets for our couples as we work to plan and design the BEST wedding possible for them.

Brides! New brides! We've added a couple new brides to the family. Incredible couples, with beautiful stories, and we get to help them design a day that tells those stories. Tear. We know!

Oh, and how can we forget...a SUPER DUPER EXTRA TOP SECRET project that we're working on with Samantha McFarlen for women who will be getting married THIS year. This one, you guys, we can't WAIT to share the details of this one. Stay tuned, for sure. We will be revealing the first week in March.

Well, that's a good wrap up on what's been going on. Busy? Nah! LOL! Since our retreat (on instagram #BPretreat), we've been pedal to themetal till the sun goes down (and even after it goes down).

We'll touch base again soon, but until then,


The Girls of B+P