Hello Gorgeous!

Hi Friends!

We are so excited you could join us! It is a big day here at Bixby + Pine. This blog has been something we have talked about from the beginning and, finally, here we are over a year later and we got our act together! As four girls with busy schedules and full time jobs, it is easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We hope this blog gives us a chance to share some of our favorite things with you, connect with other awesome creatives, and delve even deeper into what makes our hearts happy!

Speaking of what makes our hearts happy, that is what we are all about here at B+P. After years and years of planning birthday parties and showers and even a few weddings, we knew this is what we loved to do. We had lots of excuses to not pursue our passions further; we’re too young, we live in such a small town, it’s expensive to own a business, we know nothing about running a business, we have jobs and school and families (we are very busy twenty-somethings if you couldn’t tell!). Finally one day we said, “Screw the what-ifs. Let’s do it!" This has been a learning process from the beginning and we can only imagine that this blog will be too. (So, bear with us.)

We have so much to share with you! We are hoping to show you some great wedding ideas but also fashion and beauty looks, party tips, and really anything else we think is super amazing!

We love Taylor Swift jam sessions, being a part of #BachelorNation, pretty manicures, sunny days, a great bargain, wine nights, emojis, grooms seeing their brides for the first time, and even some baking every so often (though Taylor is a little hopeless in this area). At Bixby + Pine we love to work with brides who want their wedding to be the day they have always wanted. We like to turn dreams into reality, I mean who doesn’t want a job where people are in love and there is cake?! Or cupcakes…or ice cream…or pie…really anything will do!

Stay tuned to see what we have up our sleeves and pretty please leave comments, or email us, or tweet us, or Facebook us, or Instagram us. We love to chat and answer questions! Also check out our newly launched website; we are pretty much OBSESSED with its awesomness!

The Girls of Bixby + Pine