Hello Gorgeous, WE'RE BACK!

Friends...WHY OH WHY have we been "gone" for so long on our blog you ask? We've just been so busy with a few things...

1) LIFE (Ashley is HAVING A BABY, KIDS!)

2) #bts, duh! We've been tirelessly making connections and working on back end stuff.

3) We, inadvertently, decided the blog needed a break (simply because WE needed a break).

So, we took some time off, but now have time (yeah right), energy (thanks to the Red Bulls), and umph (well, who are we kidding, our umph never goes away).

As we finish out summer and head into fall, you'll want to follow along with our blog, because we have things planned like a series on #BabyAJ, glimpses into each of our lives, business tips, and Y'ALL...STYLED SHOOTS, brides, and more! Tune in, sign up, follow us. We are looking forward to the future and want you to come along for the ride.


The Girls of B+P