You guys! 

We just dropped our new album! Okay, okay, just kidding (that was another dream of ours!).

Photography // Samantha McFarlen

But we did just launch pre-sales for our BRAND NEW FIRST EVER BIXBY + PINE TANK! This is to kick off the launch of our shop, which will come in August.

Pre-sales will begin today and go until July 1st. And we are so freaking excited for our friends to get these and share their love of graphic tanks, cupcakes, champagne, and Taylor Swift.

In honor of Taylor Swift's song "22", we are giving twenty-two-oo-oo (get it?!) percent off your order! Use the code // shopbp // to get your discount!


How cute is our bad ass friend Sam in this shirt?

For a chance to win a shirt, head over to the instagrams of Samantha McFarlen (@samanthamcfarlen), Lora Grady (@loragradyphotography), and Tonie Christine (@toniechristine). They'll be posting soon about their giveaways and how you can win a shirt through them!

So, click the photo or HERE but DON'T forget to enter the code: shopbp for twenty-two-oo-oo-percent off.


The Girls of B+P