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You might've seen our stories from a few weeks ago when we took off for a little girls weekend--we were in need of some girl time before wedding season fully kicked off :) We had a friend who had recently finished their rental home in Seabrook Washington so we decided that was the perfect place to go!! And gosh, it didn't disappoint.

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Seabrook is a quiet town--perfect for a getaway with your best girls or a little family trip too! Everything is within walking distance so that was AMAZING!! There's a community pool--best believe we were in'd been a while since we'd played like kids in a pool, so underwater flips and handstands were a must for us : ) 

The house we stayed at was adorable!! It was the perfect size for our group--we each shared a room and then Carson and her baby had their own bed. Oh and there were plenty of bathrooms too (picture seven of us in one house getting ready--it was easy in this space!!). 

Okay, let me tell you about some of the cool things that the house had to offer. There's a private hot tub...yes, you heard me right. A HOT TUB!!! The house had a piano in it--fun fact, Taylor and Jordan used to play the piano for about a decade while they were growing up!!! There were plenty of dishes and glassware for all of us to use(although we ate out a lot because of the yummy little restaurants in town. Which brings me to my next point, FOOD!!! We ate at some really yummy place--there was a super cute coffee/breakfast shop called Red Velvet Bakery by The Sea that we went to every morning(hey...when you find a good place you don't keep looking!!), a super delicious pizza place(Frontager's Pizza Co.), and a pub that made killer food(Mill 109). These places are MUSTS if you end up in Seabrook. And if you have kids or need to shop for any kids, Seabrook kids is where you'll want to go!! 

On our last night there we were too late for the cute little ice cream shop so we walked to the Front Street Market and guess what they had!?!?! ICE CREAM!! So if you're like us and get cravings later in the evening, you're not out of luck! 

All in all--10 out of 10 for this trip!! Now that you've seen all the gorgeous photos from Sam, take a look at our iPhone snaps from the weekend :)

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