Today we partnered with Tonie Christine Photography to talk about finding your perfect wedding photographer.

We believe that weddings are meant to celebrate two people, pledging their lives together. So the wedding planning, wedding day, and even after the wedding should all be an experience (and a good one at that!)--because afterall, YOLO, or YOMO rather (you're only married once)...fingers crossed! ;)

So this leads us to our to find a wedding photographer that's perfect for you, in two steps!

Photography by Tonie Christine Photography // HMUA by Anne Timss // Gown by Le Salon // Jewelry by Heidi Hull Designs

1 // Connect via social media. We believe in the power of social media, so firstly, you should be having to wipe the drool off of your phone while looking at a photographer worth interviewing. If your heart isn't soaring while oogling over their blog, website, and instagram, MOVE ON! We'll set up a couple of consultations for you with photographers you love. Tonie encourages you to think about a couple of things and says "I tell my clients to look at the pricing. Does this look "too good to be true?" Often times, someone JUST starting out may look KILLER on insta or other social media platforms, but realistically, asking for a full gallery of images will help you decipher if their price point is worth the style and quality of photos you are personally looking for." She also says "Ask about an album! SO often couples think they will make themselves an album later and usually never get around to it! Ask if your photographer has albums they offer and see if it's something you can work into your budget. I promise you won't regret it!" And we agree! Tangible prints and an album you can look through is important!

2 // Connect on a personal level. Not only is it important that you LOVE your photographer's style, but it's just as important to connect with them on a personal level; they're spending your e n t i r e wedding day with you, so if their laugh annoys the ish out of you, it might not be the best fit. Tonie says "I want to make sure the whole day goes smoothly and that my couples are not stressed or irritated and one of the best ways I can help them is by being myself around them! Knowing that they appreciate my silly humor and big personality goes a long way. If they don't love my personality (which I try to showcase through social media) or if I am not AT ALL like the person I portray online, then their wedding day (and the entire process) can feel forced when that's not all all what either party wants. SO, BE AUTHENTIC and real when you meet with a photographer and make sure you feel at ease around them!"

Use these two pointers as a guide to finding the photographer who will be the best fit for you, and let us know how it goes!


The Girls of B+P and Tonie