Hey everyone! 

We know, we know: TWO POSTS IN ONE WEEK? The girls of B+P must be on something! Well, guess what?! We are gearing up for our first ever back to back wedding weekend!

Last week we traveled to another section of our state for 5 days, but this time we get to stay close to home (and that means we get to sleep in our own beds!!!!).

Ericka and Jeff are one of the most laid back, chill couples you could ever meet. There wedding is really going to celebrate their relationship by being simple in design and rich in time with their closest family and friends.

Again, we'll be giving you a behind-the-scenes look on wedding day of set up, the party, and tear down, so get over to instagram tomorrow and follow along! In thee meantime, take a look at their engagement photos from their super fun photographer, Brit of Solie Designs. Oh! And Alicia with Rogue Styling did Ericka's make up in the shots below as her wedding make up trial--talk about killing two birds with one stone (PS: That's a horrible thing to think about--killing two birds--who made that up?!)

The funny thing about them: Ericka was totally cool with eloping and Jeff was the one who wanted the big wedding. So, with about 150 guests and a food truck that won't disappoint, this weekend's wedding is going to be a guest favorite!


The Girls of B+P