Should I Invite My Wedding Planner or Wedding Vendor To My Bridal Shower? // An Inside Look For Brides // Bixby + Pine

That title is a little forward, don't ya think? But truthfully, we are invited to almost every. single. one. And you can bet we count our blessings.

You see, this little business of ours is about so much more than about designing a rad wedding. It's really about the people. And we don't say that lightly. We say that because our clients are our friends, and there's really no two ways about it.

So when we open up our mailbox at BPHQ and there's a sweet, sweet invite to a bridal shower for our bride in it, we are OVER. THE. MOON. happy, because that means she put us on the guest list, as a friend. Wow. Let that sink in. 


We pinch ourselves often--we know that we are the lucky ones. Doing a business you love, with people you love, with clients you love? Yep, we are the lucky ones.

If you're thinking about Should I invite my ___________ (insert wedding vendor here--wedding photographer, videographer, make up artist, etc) to my bridal shower? All you need to do is think about the relationship you've built with them. If it's one that goes beyond your wedding day, then the answer is YES! 


The Girls of B+P