Your Clients Give You WHAT At THEIR Design Presentation? // Clients Gifting Vendors

Sometimes our blog feels like it's really just a collection of brag posts shoved together in front of your face to see, but when we have such dope clients, what's a girl to do?! (Yeah, you're right, the answer is BRAG the HELL on your clients!)

As a #bixbyandpinecouple, your experience includes a sit-down meal with us at Ashley's home in Poulsbo, where we go over your wedding from H to T (hello, Tyra Banks). We talk about so much, but you can find that information here, so we won't go into the details too much on that.

Our clients come into our home, and guess what they bring us? Wine. Cheese. Sugar bears. Candles. And typically accompanied by a freaking hand-written card. What. Yeah, that happens to us. 


How. Did. We. Get. So. Lucky. 

Well, we think we have the answer: They chose us for a reason, and in turn, we chose them for a reason.  Our clients are thoughtful, intentional people, who value relationships over all else. Period. That's the reason.

To our clients who love us more than we deserve, thank you, so much, for enriching our lives each and every day.


The Girls of B+P