Friends! I'm SUPER pumped to share this with you: CHRISTMAS. IN. JULY.

Let me explain...I am the most Christmas-gift-giving kind of person. Like. Color coded lists. Shopping months in advance and even all year round. Gift wrap that matched with perfect ribbon to adorn it. Cam and I love to find THE perfect gift for people (when I say Cam and I, I mostly mean ME!).

Two years ago, it was December 23rd, my birthday, and I realized we hadn't done anything at all. No gifts. No beautifully wrapped presents. Nothing. Then, the 24th came, and still nothing. NOTHING.

So on Christmas, we announced to everybody that we couldn't get our shit together in time, so we were going to do Christmas in July and giving everyone their gifts then.

July 2015 came and we did just that. Everyone loved their gifts. But it didn't feel right for Cam and I. We didn't get together with everybody and really celebrate our loved ones.

December 2015 came and we decided we wanted to keep the tradition alive, but wanted to look at giving everyone an experience to remember. Think #ExperiencesOverThings.

Which brings us to Christmas in July, the summer soirée. It will be outside on our slab, with lights up, farm tables, cocktails, lounge areas, and entertainment. Then we will do dinner and dessert.

Here is the mood board for the event (because EVERY event needs a mood board...).

We are working with some of our favorite vendors: Letter + Line Studio for the invitation suite and paper goods, Unique & Chic for the beautiful rental pieces, and more! And we can't wait to share more with you after the big day in July.