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Emma // Palm Springs Boudoir // Apostrophe & Co

We are SO pumped to show off this beautiful Apostrophe & Co shoot. If you don't know about A&Co, well then you've been living under a rock. It's basically our love child with Samantha McFarlen. Where we bring in Alicia and she dolls you up. Then we style the shit outta you with pieces you bring and pieces from our collection. Then Sam shoots you. Finally you get a beautiful product in the mail.

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Jordan + Zack // Intimate Couples Session // Apostrophe & Co

Zack and I hadn’t been together for YEARS when we decided to do an intimate session with A&Co BUT we are so glad we did!!! We were both a little nervous, we decided really last minute that we wanted to do it, so of course my head went to all of my imperfections and flaws. Ironically, his did too! I’ve been around the camera a bit more than he has so naturally he was much more nervous than I was. Ultimately I was really excited to have that moment in our relationship captured forever. 

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Oh. Em. Gee. It's happening again. Back, by popular demand, is our styled boudoir event (you definitely should check out the hashtag on instagram to see what it's all about #styledboudoirevent).

We're live, and ready for you to book your winter session with us! It's the perfect gift for Valentine's Day to your special someone, and it's right in time for those spring weddings too!

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Oh friends. Have we been working on something AMAZING! You may have seen it on our Snapchat (bixbyandpine) or on our Instagram story (@bixbyandpine), but kids, we had a FREAKING blast shooting our styled boudoir event promo photos. 

We really collaborated with the best of the best a couple weekends ago, and the results are IN-SANE. Alicia from Rogue Styling absolutely SLAYED and made our beautiful models look like they were modeling for Victoria's Secret (and we are even kidding). Then, Samantha McFarlen hit it out of the park with photo and video...and here is a sneak peek of the results!

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Hello Gorgeous!

Hi Friends!

We are so excited you could join us! It is a big day here at Bixby + Pine. This blog has been something we have talked about from the beginning and, finally, here we are over a year later and we got our act together! As four girls with busy schedules and full time jobs, it is easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We hope this blog gives us a chance to share some of our favorite things with you, connect with other awesome creatives, and delve even deeper into what makes our hearts happy!


Speaking of what makes our hearts happy, that is what we are all about here at B+P. After years and years of planning birthday parties and showers and even a few weddings, we knew this is what we loved to do. We had lots of excuses to not pursue our passions further; we’re too young, we live in such a small town, it’s expensive to own a business, we know nothing about running a business, we have jobs and school and families (we are very busy twenty-somethings if you couldn’t tell!). Finally one day we said, “Screw the what-ifs. Let’s do it!" This has been a learning process from the beginning and we can only imagine that this blog will be too. (So, bear with us.)

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