We figured that it was about time we did an update on Jordan's cancer (don't panic if you have no idea what we are talking about--click here to read more about said cancer ). 

This month makes it one full year since Jordan got that scary call letting her know that the tests had come back not in her favor. One year ago, this month, she also had a surgery that removed that yucky cancer from her body!! The surgery definitely took its toll (click here to read more) but overall we all walked away feeling so damn lucky with the results!! 

After surgery and recovery from that (and a nasty flu) came radiation. Radiation happened right after Christmas, which meant there was a very nasty diet for the entire holiday season  but clearly it was worth it!! The radiation did its job and so far the tests have been showing up empty in the re-growth department.

Photo: Samantha McFarlen  // Make Up: Rogue Styling

Then came the fun task of figuring out what dose of medication was needed. We've always joked that Jordan's body rejects everything but we were in for a fun treat when it actually said, "no thanks" to the first three medications (bye girl). After going back and forth for months with the doctor, lots of extra emotions (thanks crazy hormones), and lots of 6pm bedtimes...the doctor THINKS they have finally found a medication that her body is okay with. Now to just figure out the perfect dose!!!

So, for the next few months we will be busy trying to lock down exactly what her body needs, BUT then we should be good to go for a while. Another full body scan will happen in January, so stay tuned! 

You guys have been amazing with checking in and sending your love--none of it has gone unnoticed!! We know we have the best village.


The Girls of B+P!