Oh, damn! Those cryptic posts all make sense now! | BPHQ | Bixby + Pine

You haven’t heard a damn peep from us in 7 whole days (except for those criptique photos and one-word captions on the gram)!!!

Okay, okay, we’ll cut to the chase...we are so proud to announce that we now have a studio space--and she’s officially called BPHQ. Yep, no more working out of Jordan’s guest room, at the dining room table, or on the couch. We have an official place to call home--an official place to work--an official place to design weddings and florals--and an official place to meet with our clients.

Okay, enough with the words, let’s just dive into the photos, taken by our bestie Sam. And yeah, duh, Alicia did our makeup (#primadonnas).

If you want us to, we’ll really dive in and tell you about the process, what was involved, the timeline, and all the ins and outs of building out and designing our new space. Leave a note in the comments below to let us know!



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