B+P Client Christmas Gifts // Bixby + Pine

We have played with many ideas in the past for how we want to gift our clients--is it a booking gift? A pre-wedding gift? A day-of wedding gift? A post-wedding gift? An anniversary gift? A Christmas gift? A birthday gift? Oh man, the options are ENDLESS. And guys, we're the gifting type (especially Taylor), and so it will probably always be a work in progress, but this year...this year takes the cake!

Our 2017 clients are all opening their packages TODAY (eeeeeeeek) and we can't wait to see their reactions! We shipped them earlier this month and texts started pouring in:


We put a special disclaimer on the box telling them to wait until today to open (which is why this blog post is going live so late--to give them time to get home and open them up together).

So take a look at how we gifted our 2018 clients:


And now take a look at how we gifted our 2017 clients:

Ahhhhh, it's a box full of our favorites--a COZY blanket, the Volcano candle from Anthropologie, and sour candy. Our sweet friend Lora came over to hand-letter the cards, tags, and boxes, and that was the icing on the cake!

We are so thankful for our clients--they're rad and so trusting, and it doesn't get any better than that!

We would love to hear how you're gifting your clients this season! Share it with us below :)


The Girls of B+P