Our Holy Grail and Secret Sauce; Our Bible | If you're engaged, you need this!

We've been doing this wedding planning and design thing for a hot minute, and we figured it was time to get you the best of the best (and not just like a popularity vote thing), but a REAL, tried and true list of vendors we'd trust with our own lives. Okay, maybe not necessarily our lives, but definitely with our own weddings.

We walk you through floral designers we love, stationers we're drooling over, photographers who will rock your world, and so much more. We hand-hold you as you select your wedding day team so you can sit back, relax, and soak it all in.

You can pick up your download here, and for shits and gigs, use code FIRSTTIME for 20% off the whole shop for the rest of the month!


The Girls of B+P!

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