Blaze with Tonie Christine: The Commercial // Tonie Christine Photography // Bixby + Pine

Whenever we work with Tonie of Tonie Christine Photography we ALWAYS have a blast!!! This girl just fits in with us so well. When she reached out about her Blaze with Tonie Christine commercial we were so down with helping! We knew her vision and knew we could create some magic, while keeping the overall shoot very simple. And yes, this happened last year, but we haven't really shown it off on our blog (boooo on us), so we're finally doing that! BUT! We did show off the photos that came from the shoot, so be sure to check those out here.

Instantly we knew we wanted a rad couple who maybe had some tattoos, gave off a moody vibe, and wasn’t afraid of the camera (there would be a few cameras in their face at a time). We knew we wanted the bouquet to be big and full but with only whites and greens (to stay true to Tonie’s brand). And lastly, we knew the dress needed to be unique--something not seen before. 

We had our eye on a few random tops from Amazon (real fancy right?!?) that would be perfect with the right skirt—now if only we had a great dress connection...oh wait, we do!! Alexis at La Belle Salon Bridal has her own dress line with a FABULOUS skirt that can be paired with a few different tops (click the link here to see how one of our very own brides wore it). The top that we ended up using was $12, say what?!

We landed on Taylor and Jordan’s brother and his (then) girlfriend Lo (now they're married!) to be the models—these two are naturals! With the bouquet in hand, we all packed up and headed across the water to Tonie’s house (she has a great little piece of property that was perfect for shooting at!!) Ike from Ike & Tash was shooting this commercial for Tonie, and if you follow Ike on Instagram, you know he’s a good time  

Tonie was looking SUPER cute in her leather jacked and camouflage pants, she was definitely ready for her close up. Ike started shooting Tonie and shooting all of the details for the commercial. At one point there was a shot that involved the middle of the road, a spinning chair, a cool white brick wall, and Tonie, and Jordan—watch the commercial to see Jordan make her first short cameo in a commercial . 

Ike wanted to get some shots of Tonie shooting the models, so we decided to pack up and head to a SUPER CLOSE (Tonie’s words, not ours) park, just down the road. We ALL piled into two tiny cars and drove for like...FIFTEEN MINUTES to a not so close park!!! We were all beyond thrilled to get out of the car and stretch our limbs. 

We finished shooting at the park and crammed ourselves back into those two tiny cars. This shoot ended up being some of our favorites to date. The images from this are stunning, simple, and soooo on brand. 

To say we had a blast would be an understatement!


The Girls of B+P

Photography: Tonie Christine Photography Videography: Ike & Tash // Design/Styling/Florals: Bixby + Pine // Gown (skirt): La Belle Salon Bridal  // Ribbon: Adorn Company