Hey friendlies,

A few months ago, I sat in Tonie's kitchen, talking about life, dreaming big, and working on squashing our fears. Tonie told me she had a dream to put on a workshop of some kind, but she knew she wanted it to focus on the back-end of a photography business--the marketing, the client experience, the website, the contracts. While there are so many incredible photography workshops nowadays, Tonie knew she wanted to set hers apart by focusing on her area of expertise: marketing and business management. 

Then, fear hit her like a greyhound bus. And if you know anything about Tonie, you know that she's a go-getter. So hearing this, from one of my most confident, successful friends, was hard to process to be honest. Then I realized this: the fear of failure touches everyone. 

Now, if you know me you know that my motto is: "You miss 100% of the changes you don't take." (I think that was ingrained in my head since my days of playing basketball.) My immediate reaction is to tell her my heartfelt quote, and let her know that she can do anything she sets her mind too (it might sound cheesy, but I fully believe in this cliche` statement).

Sometimes the hardest part of creating a goal is saying it aloud, but it's arguably one of the most important parts (that, coupled with WRITING IT DOWN). As Tonie proceeded to say her big dream aloud, it was quickly followed with "But will you style the shoot?!"

And, here's what last Sunday looked like:

Photography // Tonie Christine Photography

She just announced that she'll be putting on another business intensive early in 2017, so if you want to hear about that first (and maybe even snag an early bird seat), click here to subscribe to her blog.

Tonie: I am proud of you. I am inspired by your zest for life. And I am grateful to be on this journey in business and, more importantly, life with you.




Photography // Tonie Christine Photography

Design and Styling // Bixby + Pine

Rentals // Unique & Chic Event Rentals and Design

Chairs // Grand Event Rentals

Cakes // Baked.

Florals // #BloomsByBP

Ribbon and Table Runner // Adorn Company

HMUA // Katie Boyar

Paper Goods // Minted

Ring // Trumpet & Horn

Ring Box // The Mrs. Box

Wedding Gown // The Dress Theory