Have you been following along this month with us? Are you up to date with all of the changes we threw at you? Or…do you have have zero clue as to what we're talking about… #awkward. Well, we're here to fill you in on all of the juicy details.


Earlier this month #thegirlsofbp went from 4 to 3…we're sure you're like WHAT?!?!?! Is this even allowed????? Hate to break it to you but yeah, it is! But we promise you'll survive :)



Photography // Tonie Christine 

Our best girl Carson has so many wonderful changes happening in her life and with those changes have come some changes within the business. Carson is no longer a part of #thegirlsofbp BUT instead she is a #bixbyandpinebride. This is such an exciting time in her life and our hearts are happy knowing hers is so full!


Did you think we were done with the jaw dropping news?!?! Naw girl--let's throw a little more at you today! Ashley is expanding her #squad by one; a little girl names Clarke James (and no, not CJ). You best believe this little lady will be just as spoiled as her big sis--so many aunties, so much love!!


Video // Ridgewood Films

I know we just tossed a bunch of change your way (and friends, Jordan HATES change) but all of this is so so exciting for us and we are stoked to have you along for this new ride!!

xoxo, The Girls of B+P