A Baby Shower for Baby Mac thrown by Bixby + Pine

A couple weeks ago we got to celebrate Baby Mac—Sam + Casey are good friends and it was the biggest HONOR to throw them a baby shower and we did it in true Sam + Casey fashion—with tacos, cervesas, churros, and guac. YUM! Oh, we also made this spicy grapefruit margarita and it was a hit (as it always is)!

Then it was time for the GAMES! And because this was a co-ed shower we were PUMPED to bust out the cheesy, hilarious shower games of the 2000’s…

DRINKING JUICE FROM A BOTTLE! This was hilarious because we timed it and Ashley’s husband, Jerremy won.

TASTING BABY FOOD! We didn’t know which was which and we had to guess the fruit or veggie. GROSSSSSS.

Then we took a quick break to open presents!

Our last game: HAVING A BABY (melting a tiny plastic baby from an ice cube)!!!! OMG this was hilarious. Cold hands, people putting the babies and ice cubes in their mouth (calling it a c-section), we were all dying laughing!

You have to just see it to see how much fun we all had:

You can see we just had the best time ever showing Sam + Casey with lots of love and fun!

And then we made them Boomerang, cuz, duh.

Baby Mac, okay, fine, Baby Rhett is ALMOST here and we just can’t wait!!!


The Girls of B+P