#babyaj's Gender Reveal...Coming Soon!


Today we find out the gender of #babyaj. You can't even imagine how horrible it's been NOT KNOWING. The past 19 weeks have been TORTUROUS we tell you. We have tried anything and everything we possibly could to guess this baby's gender...seriously, we exhausted all options. But, last week, when Ashley had her doctors appointment we learned that her next ultrasound wouldn’t be until August 10th! There is no way the mom-to-be or any part of the B+P team could wait that long or buy any more neutral baby items. Ashley began searching the internet for elective ultrasound clinics in the area and settled on Mother Nurture Ultrasound located in Puyallup, Wa. Um, no brainer...yes! Sign us up!

The appointment was set. The anticipation grew. 

Now, all Ashley + Jerremy had to do was decide how they wanted to reveal this sweet baby's gender...naturally, they fell onto the idea of baseball. We aren't going to give much detail here...so stay tuned to see what this actually means ;)

We knew that if any of #thegirlsofbp held onto this secret, it just wouldn't be a secret anymore. So, after Ashley + Carson finished the ultrasound, they took the envelope (without looking) to our friend, Megan (who's FREAKING ADORABLE SON will be in an upcoming styled shoot for us). We knew Megan was the perfect carrier of this news, because she wouldn't break under the pressure and give in to one of us. After the envelope drop, we all met at #BPHQ (aka Jordan's house), for our regular Monday night Bachelorette-watching-sessions. We over-analyzed, over-thought, and tried to run through every scenario in our head...Did the ultrasound tech know pretty quickly because she saw a boy part? Was she smiley because it was a girl? Do the wives tales even matter? Ahhhhhhhh, the anticipation!

Megan says, "I could not be more delighted to be the secret keeper of the sex of Ashley and Jerremy's sweet little peanut. I take this responsibility very seriously, so don't get any ideas ladies. Go ahead and cancel any covert operations now. The secret is safe with me until the big reveal. And yes, I'm gong to rub it in every time I see you, Taylor, Carson, and Jordan!"

One word for you Miss Megan: RUDE!

We pictured what the night would be like if we had the envelope in our possession...think of a bunch of hyenas around a slab of meat...yeah, that would've been us (and wouldn't have ended well...for the envelope!).

SO! TODAY. IS. THE. DAY! We know what #babyaj will be TONIGHT! Stay tuned for the reveal photos and video coming at the end of the week...but find out TONIGHT on our Instagram by following @bixbyandpine and checking in with us about 7pm.

The Girls of B+P