Babes + Brews | A Baby Shower at Downpour | Bixby + Pine

Hey friends, Tay here—my brother, Connor (who also happens to be Jordan’s brother) and our sister-in-law, Lauren got pregnant—we knew they needed a baby shower to celebrate (duh). You might remember their DOUBLE wedding—you can see their private, intimate wedding here and their big celebration here.

The only requests they had:

  1. Make it coed.

  2. “Do not measure around my belly!”

“Easy!” we told them!

After throwing around a bunch of ideas (and not trying to copy one of the best themes in the world (fiesta) from Sam + Casey’s coed baby shower earlier this year), we finally landed on hosting it at our local brewery, Downpour, which was perfect because Connor is a MAJOR beer guy (like the fancier stuff, not like he drinks a lot of beer from the grocery store—he’s a craft beer guy).

We reserved a few tables and whipped up a pretzel bar with four kinds of cheese (Con loves cheese—and ironically waited to get himself a pretzel because he knew he would take four, so he never got to try even one…). We had a couple games and watched the Seahawks game.

Like any B+P party, it starts off with a fun invitation!

Bixby + Pine_0001.jpg

We wanted the food station to be the big shebang—so we did a balloon arch and loads of bite-sized snacks so people could snag a beer, load up a plate, and hang out.

Bixby + Pine_0012.jpg

We played two games—one where you had to clean the bum of a baby doll that was FULL of chocolate pudding.

Bixby + Pine_0014.jpg
Bixby + Pine_0015.jpg
Bixby + Pine_0017.jpg

The first line up was our cousin, Morgan (9), and her dad (40-something), Cam (my guy, 28), and Alex (a current dad to a baby girl, 28)—between the four of them, I think an entire pack of wipes got used. OUT-RAGEOUS if you ask me. My grandmother would be ROLLING over in her grave (if she was in one).

Bixby + Pine_0020.jpg
Bixby + Pine_0022.jpg

Connor participated and actually stole my mom’s perfectly cleaned and diapered baby, acting as if it were his own, hahaha!

Down below here you can see Connor clapping at my dad’s gift to them—a cheerleading outfit from our family team: THE GREEN BAY PACKERS! #gopackgo (You can see Lauren’s not a huge fan…)

Bixby + Pine_0032.jpg
Bixby + Pine_0035.jpg
Bixby + Pine_0036.jpg

What a fun day we got to have with everyone!

Bixby + Pine_0033.jpg

Con + Lo: Thank you for allowing us to throw you this baby shower. Being a part of Baby B’s life is something we’ve only dreamt of, and she’s going to be here THIS MONTH! You two are going to make incredible parents and when you think you’re doing it wrong, just give yourself grace and realize that she knows you love her and want only the best for her.