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Hi friends!

Can you believe that we're part way through August?! Like, that means that the holiday season is right around the corner and that baby Clarke will be making her way into this world in a month or so (eeeek!).

Okay, this is our first newsletter blog post, and to be honest, we've toyed for WEEKS on how we should format this and what should go into it, but then we realized, if you're a part of our tribe you don't judge us too hard and you just wanna know what's up. So, here's just that, a "What's Up with the Girls of B+P" message for ya to peruse.

To recap the last couple of months, we've...

...had 13 client meetings.

...taken 15 ferries.

...and traveled 2050 miles.

So to say we're busy is an understatement!

We traveled for a myriad of reasons: client meetings, weddings, work sessions (or just drink sessions) with friends, workshop styled shoots, and more! Some of the highlights from the last couple of months have been a couple of styled shoots for the Dream Chasers Workshop (once in Seabrook and once in South Bend), Christmas in Julythe A&Co July sessions, our styled shoot with Kyle Loves Tori Photography from Utah, and Lexi + Scott's bold and colorful Suncadia wedding.

We had part of last week off to recoup (and we got massages) and then we hit the ground running for another wedding weekend--but this time it was close to home, which is always nice after being away from home for a bit.

Oh, and we're been working hard at working ON our business. We work so hard IN our business with our clients that sometimes we forget to actually work ON our business, on our big dreams, and on our big goals. Ya see the difference there?

So this means we've been gearing up for a really intentional fall season, and we've been blogging more (woohoo!). We want to share some of our most favorite blogs with you in case you missed them.

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And we're thinking we'd like to get to know you too, if we don't already, so PLEASE drop us a line and say hi. Tell us where you're from. Tell us what you do. (This isn't an empty blog post you're replying to...we're real people and want that real human connection!)


The Girls of B+P

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Photos from Lexi + Scott's Suncadia wedding, by The Snapbar.