It should be no surprise that I drool over interior design, it does go hand in hand with wedding design and we all know how much I love wedding design. Yes, I was that girl who had art hanging in her dorm with coordinating duvet and throw pillows #sorrynotsorry. I even designed my boyfriend’s (now husband’s) crappy, crappy apartment (it was so crappy)--It’s safe to say I’m just a tad addicted to it. When we sold our home in July and set out to find our new home we couldn’t have guessed that we wouldn’t find a new home until October--yes, serious home décor withdrawals. Well friends, we get the keys TONIGHT and I’m just a little excited!!!! (see how many exclamation points I used there?). Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see a couple "before" photos...I can't wait to make this house a home!

I promise to keep you all updated on the Aske house with a blog series and take lots of behind the scenes on Insta stories (I plan to put the rest of the B+P girls to work!). I’ve learned a lot about painting from my previous home décor endeavors and ill share what I have learned either through success or serious, serious failure.

Things to keep in mind while painting, according to me:

Tip 1 // Wait

Wait to buy paint until you’re in the home and can see how your room reacts to light. Rooms that allow lots of natural light to enter through windows or skylights can afford to have darker paint colors (if you want them). Rooms with no natural light need lighter paint colors to allow the room to feel brighter and bigger. I went to my local Sherwin Williams store and bought samples- I did break my own rules and bought some paint, but it’s a really light grey and I know will work just fine with the lighting in the house.

Tip 2 // Paint Chips Suck

Paint chips are not good at conveying what the paint will actually look like on the walls so here are my two tricks in one; 1) when selecting paint chips go to the color you’re thinking and buy the lighter shade. I’ve made the mistake of trusting the paint chips and wish I went with the lighter shade EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 2) Ask your paint store for samples so you can paint them on the walls and watch them. Not only does this help if you’re mulling a couple different colors over but it helps if you’re unsure of the lighting in a specific room. This way you can paint a couple swatches and keep an eye on them- see how the room light changes and go with the color you feel like looks best in those circumstances.

Tip 3 // Don't Cheap Out

If you’re impatient like me then don’t skimp on your paint. Buy the better stuff- it paints easier, you end up using less because it has better coverage, and PAINTS SO MUCH EASIER (did I already say that?).

Be sure to watch our insta-stories to see me put the other girls to work! Maybe I’ll give you a tour of the house on there?!?!?