Ashley's Golden Birthday

So, we wanted to take a second to wish our best girl a happy birthday!! This just so happens to be her golden birthday (26 on the 26th!!!). We are celebrating her by a big family dinner, brunch with just us girls (no kids or our guys), and pedicures (at a later date because we don’t have time for all of this in our life right now ). 

Here are a few things we LOVE about Ashley:

+ She is a ride or die friend (until 9pm because that’s her bed time—KIDDING(about the word until...her ride or die-ness doesn’t turn off at a certain time but she definitely is in bed by 9pm)). 

+ She is a problem solver that errors on the side of caution, so you can guarantee she has thought through all of the possible outcomes. 

+ She is fact...what she says ABSOLUTELY goes. Some would not like this, but this is one of the best things about her. When she speaks, you listen. You want to know more. 

+ Her heart is just so big. You won’t find her being super emotional or sappy, but when it’s needed she delivers!!!! 

Bixby + Pine by Tonie Christine Photography

Okay. That’s enough about her. 




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