Where to even begin!! This year truly has been an amazing one. We were blessed with our sweet #BabyAJ a year ago today and we never knew just how much it would change our entire world. This child…she's something special!! She rounds out the #thegirlsofbp and makes this foursome a very happy team of five.

We are going to share a few fun facts about our girl so that you can get to know her a little bit more!

  • This kid can eat!!!! Like, more than we can. Rice and avocado definitely top the list, but there really isn't anything that doesn't make the cut. 
  • Her hair is wild, WILD we tell ya!! If it doesn't go up into a ponytail she ends up looking like a hot mess (and not like a 'I just rolled out of bed' hot mess type of look…more like a full on HOT MESS!!). 
  • Her laugh is contagious. She has this sweet little rasp to her voice and it makes her laugh so so cute (I know…everyone always thinks their baby is the best…but our girl really is!!!).
  • She adores bath time, which makes us all really excited to see how she reacts to swimming lessons this next year! We have high hopes for it although her feet are tiny so we aren't holding our breathe that she will get us to the Olympics : )
  • She is walking…and not just a little. She refuses to crawl anywhere anymore. If she falls down, she insists on getting back up on her feet and finishing the walk. 

In true Bixby + Pine fashion we are throwing AJ a big birthday bash. And since we don't know the definition of small or simple, this party is already a tad outrageous!! But we wouldn't have it any other way for our girl! Sarah from Letter + Line did her adorable invites! Amanda from Amanda.Az Photography will be photographing the party. Jaimie and Brandon from Ridgewood Films will be videoing the entire event. We will be using items from Unique & Chic as well as Grand Event Rentals. Baked will be doing her cake. And…being in the wedding industry it only seemed natural to use one of our favorite local venues (DUH) so Kingston House will be hosting the party!!! Oh, and Victoria from Kaotic Kookies will be making a super cute surprise for our sweet girl so stay tuned to see what that is! 

Andersen, it's hard to put in words exactly how much you mean to us, so we will just continue to love on you and be there for you every single day of your life.

We met up with Amanda and she took AJ's one year photos, and we LOVE them. Thank you Amanda, for giving us these memories with AJ.


The Aunties


Photography // Amanda.Az Photography 

Dress // Old Navy

Moccasins // Freshly Picked

Venue // Volunteer Park Conservatory