Adi Shlomo x Bixby + Pine x Samantha McFarlen // Bixby + Pine

Want to know why it pays off to be a #bixbyandpinebride??? Okay, we'll tell ya!!! Sometimes we get our hands on pretty dresses that need to be photographed...or that just want to be worn...enticing right?? 

Well our brides are the first 'models' on our call list when fun shit like that hits our inboxes. Who wouldn't want to try on dozens of dresses sent straight from the designer (the answer is NO ONE!!). Dresses and tacos and margaritas--yeah, we know, sounds like a blast. PLUS you get to hang out with USSSSSS!!!!! So, isn't that reason enough??! We think so! 

Thanks to Adi Shlomo, La Belle Salon Bridal, Samantha McFarlen, and our friends for spending Cinco de Mayo with us and playing dress up!


The Girls of B+P

Stylists: Bixby + Pine, Gown Designer: Adi Shlomo, Dress Boutique: La Belle Salon Bridal, Photographer: Samantha McFarlen