La Jolla Woman's Club | Southern California | Alicia + David Intimate Elopement

You probably saw the teaser for this one because it's just too gorgeous not to, but we're excited to show off the WHOLE DAMN THING this time. 

This day was special to us.

Alicia is special to us.

Her family is special to us.

And moreover, the vendors are special to us.

Sam's been photographing our lives and business and clients for the past four years.

Kalen's gone above and beyond for both us and our clients (she even handlettered one of Tay's tattoos).

Jaime's so good to us time and time again, and she goes to the ends of the earth for our clients.

So, yeah, this day was special to us.

Take a look and pin away (we know you're gonna wanna).

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