A One-On-One with Kat of Dear Sweetheart Events

Hey there!

The weekend is almost here + we are so happy #babyaj made her appearance (because tomorrow we have an elopement in the city to take care of!).

Us four joined each other in business in January of 2014. It's been almost two years of learning, growing + working through real life #girlboss struggles. But, somehow, along the way (near the beginning of our journey), we found Kat of Dear Sweetheart Events in Virginia.

So, let's us e-troduce you to Kat!

Photo by Annamarie Akins

She's a self proclaimed lover of pink and a believer of sweethearts. She firmly "that the little things usually mean more than the big, ice cream tastes better when you eat it out of a coffee mug and if it comes in pink" she'll take two!

We did our first one-on-one with her in November 2014, which is so interesting now as we are writing this, realizing that it was almost exactly a year ago that we did our first session. In November of this year, we did another one with Kat. She's a wealth of knowledge + she's inspiring us because her big dreams are crazy big + so are ours. Having someone we can learn from (while she's clear across the United States) is a resource that we are so thankful for.

We use a phrase...What Would Kat Do? when we're unsure of what to do in a situation. This quickly turned into a hashtag, which we share in our WhatsApp group chat: #WWKD. The biggest thing we've learned from Kat, is progress over perfection.

During our latest one-on-one Skype session with her, we really went over her workflow (something we've been talking about mastering for a long time now, but never fully mastering it...#awkward). We started at the beginning + worked through everything from the inquiry, to her required virtual consultation, to the next steps to get us to after the wedding. We took home a few key points that we wanted to share:

1) She requires an initial (and virtual) consultation. This ensures that her clients are a good fit for her + that she's a good fit for her clients. We loved this + will be implementing it in our workflow.

2) We learned how she utilizes the 17hats tool. We just signed up for this program + have already started to fall in love with the capabilities + organization it provides. She dove a little deeper with us on how she uses this tool to benefit her business. The weekend before our one-on-one, we had a B+P workday, where we had actually started to layout some of our questionnaires on 17hats. We feel excited about this tool + the organization it will bring to B+P.

3) Know your worth + start at a base price, then work up with customized details. This is something that is hard for every creativepreneur because you always want to please your clients, you want to reach many people + people are always on a budget. However, we learned that by setting your prices based on your worth, you will attract clients that appreciate you + value your work.

To sum this up, we'd like to give a shout out to Kat + say "THANK YOU" for believing in us, encouraging us + guiding us along the way. To book a one-on-one with Kat, click here.


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