3 Wedding Planning Tips from a Photographer // Kyle Loves Tori // Bixby + Pine

Hey friends, Kyle and Tori here of Kyle Loves Tori Photography! We are a traveling husband and wife photography team specializing in adventurous weddings and elopements. Kyle drinks coffee and Tori plays music. We balance each other out, drive each other crazy and love each other deeply. We loved everything about our wedding day and we want nothing less for all of our couples. So we’ve put together some tips from a photographer’s perspective to help you get the most out of your wedding day and get the very best photos! 

1 Do what you want!

We absolutely love it when couples make intentional decisions for what they want to include in their wedding day. Make it personal. Forget about tradition. Your wedding day belongs to you. When the day is over and everyone goes home, you know who’s going to look back and reflect on your wedding day the most? You. So forget what other people’s expectations and make your wedding day about what’s important to you.

1.5 Then tell us why

When you make the decision to take the personal approach to your wedding, it becomes an intimate affair that is an absolute blast to document, so give us all the details! We want to know about all the little trinkets and traditions you decided to include and why. Letting us in on those intimate decisions give us the opportunity to invest fully in you and capture everything that is meaningful to you. 

Share your ideas with your wedding planners (like the ladies at Bixby + Pine). Let them help you build the perfect wedding day that celebrates who you both are as a couple and who you will be together.

2 We are slaves to light

Now that you have a gorgeous wedding planned with all those personal details, let’s make sure we preserve it in all it’s beauty. A good photographer can craft beautiful images no matter the restraints of the wedding day, but those portfolio images you love and picked us for require a specific kind of light to pull off. The type of light a photographer shoots in has as much impact on the final image as their editing style, maybe more. If you want those images your photographer is known for, have a conversation with them about light and what you can do to help them create those amazing images.

3 Ask us all the questions

We don’t expect you to know the ins and outs of how light works and how we craft the images we do, so ask us. If you’re not clear on something concerning your photography, just ask. I can’t speak for all photographers, but for Tori and I, we would much rather you ask, that way we can all be on the same page. More than anything, we want you to love your wedding day as much as we loved ours. When we are all on the same page, we are far more equipped to make that happen!

Thanks for reading, we hope it helps focus your wedding planning efforts! Don’t forget to get a good wedding planner (look no further, the Bixby+Pine babes are where it’s at!) and, most importantly, have the most fun marrying your best friend! 

- Kyle + Tori

The girls of B+P here: Now don't forget to take a look at the images from the session we did together while Kyle and Tori were in Washington! What a treat!