10 Must-Haves for Your Wedding Day Kit

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We hope you enjoyed your first December weekend! Did it bring you snow? #thegirlsofbp are ALWAYS crossing our fingers + toes for snow days at home with our families (except when Carson has early morning reports to the airport)!

Today on the blog, we'll be touching on ten must-haves for your wedding day kit. This is mostly for planners, but if you're a photographer or other wedding vendor, you might want to incorporate a couple of these items into your wedding day kits, as well.

Let's dive on in:

1) A lighter! Sometimes, it's the caterers responsibility to light the candles + yet, sometimes, they forget to bring something for that. But, if you have a lighter (or several in our case!), you will be able to come to the rescue + light up the room (literally!).

2) Ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, Midol, etc! We've all had those days + after 10+ hours on your feet (often times with a rehearsal the night before), your body will be thanking you if you preemptively take some ibuprofen.

3) Batteries! These are good to have as a back up just in case.

4) Scissors! This is an absolute must (in fact, we often carry a pair around in our aprons, along with lighters).

5) Tape/glue dots! A few types of tape will get your through any sticky (haha) situation. Glue dots have quickly become a fave. You can use them for holding down the invitation suite (or escort cards) on windy day outside, standing the ring straight up for a killer shot + so much more. Plus, it's a bonus if you can show this trick to the photographer (should they not already have a stash of their own!).

Photo by Kate Becker Photography

6) Cell phone charger! This doesn't even need an explanation.

7) Safety pins! Always a good thing to have. Table cloths. Clothing. Drapery. Boutonnieres. It all can use a safety pin now + again.

8) Nail polish remover! Now, I know you're thinking: "Great idea! Sometimes you forget to take off that icky, chipped nail polish, or better yet, you can save the day for someone in the bridal party with cracked nail polish." And while those are both VERY good ways to use this...we have one that's even better. Remember that one time when you were setting up + there were sticky tags on EVERYTHING you needed to use to decorate + no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn't quite get the stick to go away (for us, it was on gorgeous SILVERWARE! Ahhh, imagine the panic that set in before we remembered what we had in our kit). Simply put some of this on a napkin, papertowel or whatever else you can find + your blood pressure will instantly head back to being on the normal scale again :)

9) Snacks! Again, this is just too obvious. You're going to get hungry + sometimes it's at the most awkward times (dinner hasn't happened, or, it has...now what?!). Having some snacks will help get you through the day, especially if you're not able to run out during the morning/afternoon set up time to snag something.

10) Water! Something so simple, yet so necessary (to life, but also to wedding days). At one of our fall weddings, we were able to quench the thirst of several vendors + as a bonus, we helped sober up a bridesmaid (insert crying laughing emojis here).

Do you have these items in your kit? Is there anything you would add to this list? What's in your kit? We would LOVE to hear from you!


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