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Workation: Tuesday // Palm Desert, California // Styled Shoot // Bixby + Pine

Tuesday was a nice day because we got to sleep in (and thank god--a little recovery from the night before was SO needed). We started the day with hair--Alicia has been my colorist for a couple of years now and we needed to touch up my roots and we took off a few inches so that it was easier to manage (read: less blow dry time) and would hold shape better when curling it.

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Workation: Monday // The Ruin Venue in Joshua Tree, California // Styled Shoot // Bixby + Pine

While usually Monday is the nation-wide-dreaded-day, I welcomed it with open arms! Being in California, in the desert, with some of my favorite people was the perfect way to wake up. I started my day with a trip to Trader Joe's where I instantly picked up some additional blooms that matched the shoot's color palette perfectly. I carried on through the store picking out the prettiest of fruits and vegetables as we knew that was an important element we wanted to add to the tablescape (and it paid offffff!).

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WTF, It's January // Newsletter // Bixby + Pine

Sometimes January is a hard time to "start new"! There is so much pressure on "starting off right" and "setting new goals". Like, we just had Thanksgiving, then Christmas--how in the hell are we supposed to have time to, I don't know, reflect, rejuvenate, and outline new goals?

We're still learning what works for us, and because we all took a low-key break when Ashley was on maternity leave, the end of 2017 looked a bit different for us than it has in years past. We wanted to have a B+P Company Party and invite some of our favorite industry friends (you know, our real-life friends). We also decided to sit down and do PowerSheets TOGETHER. You see, we bought them last year, but never ended up touching them. And this year, we knew we wanted some intentional focus for our year--both personally and professionally.

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Sneak Peek // Winter Styled Shoot // Sarah Anne Photography // Bixby + Pine

While we're gearing up for 2018 over here at BPHQ, we snuck in a styled shoot that has hit high on our list of things we loved about 2017. Sarah of Sarah Anne Photography asked us to design a shoot so that she can elevate her brand and start her website re-launch off right--and goddamn, that's exactly what we did. We wanted magical, haunting, dark, romantic, moody--and we got all of that and more. The color palette was stunning (if we do say so ourselves) and the vendor team was dope, and maybe the sweetest part was the couple--a real life couple we were celebrating TWELVE years of marriage the very next day. 

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3 Wedding Planning Tips from a Photographer // Kyle Loves Tori // Bixby + Pine

Hey friends, Kyle and Tori here of Kyle Loves Tori Photography! We are a traveling husband and wife photography team specializing in adventurous weddings and elopements. Kyle drinks coffee and Tori plays music. We balance each other out, drive each other crazy and love each other deeply. We loved everything about our wedding day and we want nothing less for all of our couples. So we’ve put together some tips from a photographer’s perspective to help you get the most out of your wedding day and get the very best photos! 

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Blaze with Tonie Christine: The Commercial // Tonie Christine Photography // Bixby + Pine

Whenever we work with Tonie of Tonie Christine Photography we ALWAYS have a blast!!! This girl just fits in with us so well. When she reached out about her Blaze with Tonie Christine commercial we were so down with helping! We knew her vision and knew we could create some magic, while keeping the overall shoot very simple. And yes, this happened last year, but we haven't really shown it off on our blog (boooo on us), so we're finally doing that! BUT! We did show off the photos that came from the shoot, so be sure to check those out here.

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Styled Shoot // Blaze with Tonie Christine: A One-Day-Business Intensive

Our good friend Tonie of Tonie Christine Photography hosts a one-day business intensive called Blaze with Tonie Christine that helps legitimize your business, teaches you valuable marketing skills, and helps get you more inquiries hitting your inbox. When she asked us to design and style the Blaze commercial shoot, we were PUMPED. Our little brother and his then-girlfriend (now they're married!) modeled for us in a simple but GORGEOUS shoot--it's actually one of our favorites to date. 

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a&be Bridal Sunrise Shoot // Emma Rose Company // Palm Desert, California // Bixby + Pine

On our very last day in the desert we decided to get up for a 6am sunrise session, and it did not disappoint. Sam got up earlier to do her hair and make up, and we pretty much rolled our asses outta bed. BUT check out the session (Emma shot these stunners) and then head to the bottom because the a&be  is officially opening and you better get there for some fun.

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An Epic Workation in Palm Desert, California // Boudoir Shoots, Styled Shoots, Hot Tub Tie, Oh My // Bixby + Pine

Hey friends--Taylor here. I've been doing about thirteen other tasks, putting this one off--and I just realized why: finding the words to describe this trip...well, shit, I'm just not sure it's possible right now. So, I'm going to give you a play-by-play, and ask you to check back when I have myself together enough to blog about all the goddamn things. ALL OF THEM. Also, if the resolution is kinda shitty, it's because there was limited internet access.

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Amanda + Heeva // Styled Shoot // Bixby + Pine

Imagine our excitement when Wedding Paper Divas contacted us and asked us to design and style a shoot that had no boundaries (hello, a designers dream!). We played with textures on the table with a food centerpiece, had plenty of wine, and some curated details to tie it all together. The invitation is most certainly one of our favorite parts. We love that the bride is wearing a print as well!

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Oh friends, when we get to share pretty things on the blog, we jump for joy. And when we get to talk about personal subject, we get giddy. So, today, we're combining the two, and we're PUMPED! A few months ago, Ashley and Jerremy celebrated their three year anniversary and they knew they wanted to document this time in their lives, so they set up an anniversary shoot with Tonie of Tonie Christine Photography. And boy, are we glad they did!

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Hey kids,

We talked about Blaze with Tonie Christine, the one-day business intensive put on by our friend Tonie at her home in Woodinville, and we shared about how that came to life here, but today, we're going to talk more about the design and details for the shoot, and then we're going to show off a talented photographer's photos from that day.

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You guys. A couple of months ago, a photographer named Catie of Catie Coyle Photography reached out to us, and are we glad she did. She's a California girl who now calls Washington home with her husband. 

Part of why we offer our brand-builder styled shoots is because we LOVE the WHO and the WHY behind creatives, and you can read more about our brand-builders in the coming weeks. When Catie sat down and typed out WHO her ideal client was, our hearts literally sang. 

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When Pantone released their Colors of the Year, we were underwhelmed. While the colors are pretty, by themselves, we were hoping for something a bit more trend-setting...#thanksfornothingpantone.

But, #thegirlsofbp are ALWAYS up for a challenge, so we decided to do a super cool shoot while we were at our annual retreat up in Leavenworth (where we also planned and designed a snowy elopement--but that's to come later).

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