Teaser // Kitsap Memorial State Park in Poulsbo, WA // A Jewish Wedding in the Woods // Shayna + Mark // Bixby + Pine

You know you're dying to see a little sneak peek from our last wedding...right?? This wedding was one of our favorites for MANY reasons, but we will just leave you with this; rad vendor team, uh-mazing couple, and STUNNING details!!!

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Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Session // Jordan Voth // Amy + Brian // Bixby + Pine

So much is happening over here at BPHQ so the blog gets the backseat, but we did want to highlight Amy + Brian's Rattlesnake Lake engagement session with one of Seattle's most sought-after wedding photographers, Mr. Jordan Voth. And yeah, we're still not sure how to pronounce his last name--hard o, soft o? Are hard and soft o's even a thing? How about this: Voeth or Vawth--drop a note in the comments below--oe or aw.

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Mount Si Engagement Session // Samantha McFarlen // Shayna + Mark // Bixby + Pine

Today is an exciting day, because it’s ONE. MONTH. away from (what we know is gonna be) one of our favorite weddings of the year. Shayna + Mark have been a TRUE pleasure for us to work with. Shayna is basically Taylor so you can imagine the emails and text messages that come through--honesty, bluntness, drama, and lots of hilariousness. For real.

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Ashley's Golden Birthday // The Girls of B+P

So, we wanted to take a second to wish our best girl a happy birthday!! This just so happens to be her golden birthday (26 on the 26th!!!). We are celebrating her by a big family dinner, brunch with just us girls (no kids or our guys), and pedicures (at a later date because we don’t have time for all of this in our life right now ). 

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Vendor Appreciation Dinner // Ridgewood Films // Bixby + Pine

Okay, couple of things: Jaimie and Brandon of Ridgewood Films are two of our favorite people. We've traveled together near and far. We've bon fired. We've shared meals. We've worked together on weddings and in coffee shops. Basically what we're getting at is that we're industry friends with Jaimie and Brandon AND real life friends. 

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Teaser // Cabo San Lucas, Mexico // Destination Wedding // Carson + Alex // Bixby + Pine

Holy. Shit. This wedding will forever be a favorite--yes, obviously because it's our best friend (and former B+P girl), but also because of the design, the vendors, and the food (yeah, the food).

This is the sneak peek teaser. Just a few photos to tide you over until we really get down to it and show off the entire wedding.

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