Nehalem State Park // Dawn Photo // Cara + Skylen // Bixby + Pine

We are LESS THAN ONE MONTH OUT from Cara + Skylen's wedding...what?!?!?! Where did the time go? This wedding is coming together FLAWLESSLY!!! 

Let's start by telling you about our couple, there was an instant connection when we met with them. They are some of the most thankful people we've ever met (think random texts just to let us know how much we are appreciated). 

As we started to go over their wants, every sentence was followed with, "we trust you to do whatever you think looks best"!!  Well, maybe not EVERY sentence, but you could sure feel just how much they trusted us. 

Nothing is better than having clients who literally have all the faith in the world in you. Nothing. 

When we delivered their design proposal to them they were 'yes girls' on all aspects. In fact the one thing they wanted to change was the color of compote we were using (the design proposal had a rose gold because we couldn't find it in the gold they had originally wanted). They saw the photo and instantly fell in love with the rose gold (yeah, we meant to do that...not), so out with the gold and in with the rose gold. 

These two have been absolute dreams to work with and their vendor team is shaping up to be something FABULOUS!!! 

For now, check out their engagement photos shot by the one and only


The Girls of B+P


Teaser // Kitsap Memorial State Park in Poulsbo, WA // A Jewish Wedding in the Woods // Shayna + Mark // Bixby + Pine

You know you're dying to see a little sneak peek from our last wedding...right?? This wedding was one of our favorites for MANY reasons, but we will just leave you with this; rad vendor team, uh-mazing couple, and STUNNING details!!!

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Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Session // Jordan Voth // Amy + Brian // Bixby + Pine

So much is happening over here at BPHQ so the blog gets the backseat, but we did want to highlight Amy + Brian's Rattlesnake Lake engagement session with one of Seattle's most sought-after wedding photographers, Mr. Jordan Voth. And yeah, we're still not sure how to pronounce his last name--hard o, soft o? Are hard and soft o's even a thing? How about this: Voeth or Vawth--drop a note in the comments below--oe or aw.

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Destination Wedding in Cabo // Carson + Alex // Cabo San Lucas, Mexico // Samantha McFarlen // Bixby + Pine

You guys.

We’ve been DYING to show off this wedding from start to finish, and you already know why: Carson + Alex are our BEST FRIENDS (she’s a former B+P girl after all) and this was our first destination wedding out of the country (hola, Mexico!). You can see how Taylor almost missed this wedding here (jesus christ, Tay), and you see Carson’s three tips for planning your destination wedding here. Like she mentions in that blog post, you definitely want to bring the vendors you care about most: us (hehe), Sam and Casey (photographers with Samantha McFarlen), Jaimie and Brandon (videographers with Ridgewood Films), and Anne and Alicia (hair and make up artists with Anne Timss Make Up Artist and Rogue Styling).

Being that we’re PNW wedding planners and designers, MOST of our weddings take place in the summer months (with some sprinkled throughout spring and fall) and the occasional winter wedding, so when Carson said she wanted to get married in Mexico officially in winter, we were PUMPED. She had always dreamt of getting married in Mexico with her closest friends and family, so it was really a dream-come-true kinda wedding.

Since Carson was a B+P girl in a former life (okay, like a year ago, but still), she pretty much had handle on #allthethings wedding related. She knew what was important to her, she knew what to splurge on, and she knew what to save on. She was realistic too! She knew what to DIY and what to leave to the pros.

This blog post is hard to write, because it’s just incredibly hard to put into words the feelings we felt during her wedding. Joy. Joy hits the top of the list. And that’s a big deal, because we were pretty much all sick the night before and got 2-4 hours of sleep (are you kidding me?!).

Sam and Casey captured this day PER.FECT.LY. Like, literally, perfectly. Not a moment was missed and since we love them, it was awesome to be hanging with your friends all day. Check out some of our faves from the day.

The food was IMPECCABLE. The decor was STUNNING. The night was INCREDIBLE. And we’re lucky to have this video from Jaimie and Brandon to remember the day by.


The Girls of B+P

Photography: Samantha McFarlen // Videography: Ridgewood Films // Planning/Design: Bixby + Pine // HMUA: Anne Timss and Rogue Styling // Gown: bhldn // Suit: The Black Tux // Florals: Baja Botanica // Ribbon: Tono and Co // Invitation: Eleven + West // Venue: Acre Baja

Mount Si Engagement Session // Samantha McFarlen // Shayna + Mark // Bixby + Pine

Today is an exciting day, because it’s ONE. MONTH. away from (what we know is gonna be) one of our favorite weddings of the year. Shayna + Mark have been a TRUE pleasure for us to work with. Shayna is basically Taylor so you can imagine the emails and text messages that come through--honesty, bluntness, drama, and lots of hilariousness. For real.

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Ashley's Golden Birthday // The Girls of B+P

So, we wanted to take a second to wish our best girl a happy birthday!! This just so happens to be her golden birthday (26 on the 26th!!!). We are celebrating her by a big family dinner, brunch with just us girls (no kids or our guys), and pedicures (at a later date because we don’t have time for all of this in our life right now ). 

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Vendor Appreciation Dinner // Ridgewood Films // Bixby + Pine

Okay, couple of things: Jaimie and Brandon of Ridgewood Films are two of our favorite people. We've traveled together near and far. We've bon fired. We've shared meals. We've worked together on weddings and in coffee shops. Basically what we're getting at is that we're industry friends with Jaimie and Brandon AND real life friends. 

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Teaser // Cabo San Lucas, Mexico // Destination Wedding // Carson + Alex // Bixby + Pine

Holy. Shit. This wedding will forever be a favorite--yes, obviously because it's our best friend (and former B+P girl), but also because of the design, the vendors, and the food (yeah, the food).

This is the sneak peek teaser. Just a few photos to tide you over until we really get down to it and show off the entire wedding.

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Should I Invite My Wedding Planner or Wedding Vendor To My Bridal Shower? // An Inside Look For Brides // Bixby + Pine

That title is a little forward, don't ya think? But truthfully, we are invited to almost every. single. one. And you can bet we count our blessings.

You see, this little business of ours is about so much more than about designing a rad wedding. It's really about the people. And we don't say that lightly. We say that because our clients are our friends, and there's really no two ways about it.

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Your Clients Give You WHAT At THEIR Design Presentation? // Clients Gifting Vendors

Sometimes our blog feels like it's really just a collection of brag posts shoved together in front of your face to see, but when we have such dope clients, what's a girl to do?! (Yeah, you're right, the answer is BRAG the HELL on your clients!)

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Cancer Update // A Year And A Half Later // Jordan's Battle With Cancer

A year and a half ago, I got a call that really really left me feeling shook (one of my new favorite terms). The nurse on the phone asked if I could hold for the doctor and instantly I knew this call wasn’t going to end the way I had hoped it would. His voice came on and told me that the nodule they had biopsied had come back malignant...then he paused and I filled the gap with an “Okay”, he then asked if I knew what the word malignant meant (I think he was surprised by my calmness?!). So again I filled the quietness with a “Yes, that means I have cancer." Tears filled my eyes and I just wanted to hang up the phone. He filled me in on what to expect next and then we hung up. Ashley was with me and she was just as shocked as I was (naively I really had never even considered the possibility that it could’ve actually have been cancer—and if you know me you know that I was THE BIGGEST hypochondriac growing up).

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3 Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding // Guest Blogger: Carson, A #bixbyandpinebride // Bixby + Pine

I'm Carson and I am the girls of B+P’s best friend, has-been B+P girl for those of you who remember, and real life B+P bride! I wanted to drop by and talk destination weddings with you! I recently got married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and boy did I learn a thing or two. You would think a girl with my experience would have her ish together?! To be fair I have never planned or even been to a destination wedding and there is a learning curve. In order to save you a lot of headaches and a few tears, here are my biggest tips when planning a destination wedding!

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Emma // Palm Springs Boudoir // Apostrophe & Co

We are SO pumped to show off this beautiful Apostrophe & Co shoot. If you don't know about A&Co, well then you've been living under a rock. It's basically our love child with Samantha McFarlen. Where we bring in Alicia and she dolls you up. Then we style the shit outta you with pieces you bring and pieces from our collection. Then Sam shoots you. Finally you get a beautiful product in the mail.

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